Creators of Culture #3 Emily Wade

Emily Wade is an incredible Creator of Culture who has established the social enterprise “Sweet Society Apparel”, using fashion to fight against human trafficking. Recognising a need for change, Emily is pouring her life into creating it through her creativity and passion.

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Constructive Conversations

During my time with the year 8 and 9 boys at Covenant Christian school, we were able to unpack so many things, including the potential consequences behind pornography consumption and the negative impact it has on culture, how healthy relationships with girls could look like and how we as men can value and respect women.

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What's Normal?Comment
VIC Youth Camp

There were two separate sessions throughout the day. In the first, Laura shared her powerful story and experience as a young woman grappling with issues such as alcohol and drugs, body image, self-worth and the pressure she felt to be and act a certian way. 

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