Constructive Conversations

For some people, it can sometimes be uncomfortable talking about the issues of pornography, especially when so many young guys are struggling with an addiction. It can also be such a constructive and liberating thing to open conversations around topics that are rarely spoken about.


During my time with the year 8 and 9 boys at Covenant Christian school, we were able to unpack so many things, including the potential consequences behind pornography consumption and the negative impact it has on culture, how healthy relationships with girls could look like and how we as men can value and respect women. Many of the things that were discussed in the boy’s session were topics the boys had never had a chance to talk about.

I was given a beautiful opportunity to encourage a group of guys on the topic of relationship with girls, and what love can look like in a healthy relationship. Many of the students that I was speaking with were asking questions that they had never been able to ask anyone before, and the gratitude and humility that was shown afterwards truly warmed my heart. It was an honour to have spent time with the guys today. These young men have such kind hearts and their futures hold such purpose and adventure. I am confident that the guys will make healthy changes in certain areas within their lives to benefit them in their relationships and general wellbeing.

What a joy! Thanks guys for having us.


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