Gender Stereotypes


Recently I was asked by my local coffee shop / makeshift office to write a blog on Gender stereotypes. 

Commonfolk coffee not only have the BEST coffee on the Mornington Peninsula, but are incredibly aspiring in the way they do community and business. I just adore the fact they are standing up to gender stereotypes in the workplace! They have swapped their usual cups for #ChallengeGenderStereotypes cups, with very thought provoking pictures drawn my kids on it as well. 

Having spent most of my younger years in hospitality, gender stereotypes and everyday sexism in this industry is something I am quite passionate about it and have experienced first hand.  

The full blog can be found here

My challenge to you all, whether you work in hospitality or not, don't be afraid to stand up to a better standard. 'Normal' means conforming to a standard. My question to you all is, is the standard that is set around you in your workplace harming or helping the people around you, and yourself? 

Do yourself a favour...go to commonfolk, get a coffee and share the love.


Laura PinturComment