International Women's Day

Empowered Women, empower women.

I am constantly inspired when I meet women who walk in strength and have made a choice to love unconditionally. People who have decided to put others first, who have allowed themselves to go low in order for others to rise, who have not judged others but accepted wholeheartedly everyone around them, people who do everything in there ability to empower those around them no matter the cost. 

Fear of failure, insecurities, comparison, jealousy and the pressure to ‘succeed’ in the eyes of today’s culture, are just some of the issues I know women in our western world are facing everyday. We live in a culture that focuses on ‘me’. How ‘my’ needs can be met, how “my” dreams can be fulfilled, how “my” image can be best portrayed to the world around me. 

Today is International Women's Day and I want to talk about virtues in some of the women that inspire me the most. These women are not always the one on the world stages or making the most noise but the ones who are walking in the way of total humility and courage. Humility is the virtue that allows a person to admit that they cannot do it alone. Courage, the virtue that requires strength and depth of knowing to stand for something your heart burns for no matter what storms are happening around you. 

These women look to me like my friend Anna Smith who has 8 kids and lives a life filled with gentle humility to love every single person around her. When I lived in England I used to live with her and her family. Never once have I heard her complain, or be overwhelmed by the number of things that were happening around her. Instead, she totally and wholeheartedly gave herself to her children and to every person that walked in their front door. It was not an uncommon occurrence to have homeless people over for dinner, along with highly successful people working in the corporate world in London. She carried a humility to always make every person she came in contact with feel like they were the most special person in the world. Anna, thank you for your humility and strength.

Ebee is like an angel that has recently appeared in my life. She is someone who you will find out more about as she has just joined the What’s Normal family. More on that later. When I first met Ebee I was blown away by her inner strength to stand up for what she believed in, and her courage that was gentle like a dove yet strong like a lion! She is someone that walks so that she always serves others around her. She has cultivated in her life an authenticity that allows others to open up around her and be captivated by the truth and wisdom that she shares. 

From women like my sister Emma, who is absolutely kicking goals in the political arena as a young women to my other sister Rosie, who is leading young missionary teams to South East Asia at the ripe old age of 20, to my mother and grandmother who both have served their family from a place of unconditional love. I am overwhelmed by their ability to not try and push people down around them to build themselves up, but instead to offer a hand to those around them and say, “hey stand on my shoulders you’ll see more, you’ll reach higher, and you can trust me to support you”. 

To those women I say thank you, thank you for your total humility and courage. 

This International Women’s Day I encourage you - who around you can you be that hand to? Who around you can you show unconditional love to? Who around you can you say ‘hey, I can be your support and I can encourage you to use your voice’. Culture can’t change by only one person. We need an army of women (and amazing men) who are able to link hands and work together to build each other up.