In 2016, Laura Founded ‘What’s Normal?’ a youth run advocacy movement that engages and educates young people. Through developing a schools based education program and online platform she challenges and empowers young people both here in Australia and overseas, to think critically about the culture around them. 

Since co-founding What’s Normal?, she has been awarded the Victorian Young Achiever of the year for 2017, The Saward Dawson Community Service and Social Impact Award 2017 and was selected to be part of The Foundation of Young Australians, Young Social Pioneers program in 2016. 

Laura is a passionate advocate and speaker, engaging young people in a conversation about identity and behaviours . She inspires people to not just be consumers of culture but creators of culture.

She challenges our cultural norms in regards to pornography, sex, relationships, and success . Laura poses the question What’s Normal? She has addressed a variety of audiences ranging from school kids, teachers, parents, as well as academics. As a leading voice in this arena, Laura has appeared both on TV and radio as well as being quoted in the print media. 

In early 2015 she began the Zoo campaign with Collective shout, actively engaging with the public to have the lads mag removed from supermarket shelves which successfully saw the closure of the magazine. 

Her background in Marketing, and advertising has given Laura isight into how our western culture is influencing the younger generation and the narrative there are growing up in. She is dedicated to not only challenge this narrative, but to offer an alternative of both hope and change.