But how do we go about this?

We’ve developed a three step journey for high school students which equips them to survive and thrive through their teenage years and beyond. It’s at the heart of everything we do at What’s Normal?

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Before we get to the nitty gritty we have to understand what we’re dealing with. Here we offer young people an honest insight into some of the most confusing, awkward topics they’re faced with. These include pornography, relationships, body image, social media, advertising and consumerism. What actually are these things? How have they worked in the past? What should we be aware of?

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Within these tricky topics all kinds of potentially harmful things have been normalised. But now, from an informed, empowered, safe position young people can begin to think about what they accept as normal. We’re not pushing an agenda here; just creating a space.

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By now,the conversation has started and the effects of unhealthy cultural norms are being exposed and considered, but it’s not enough to just drop a bombshell and leave. Here we want to offer young people another narrative; that they are creators of culture.

Creators of Culture

Whether it’s TV, social media, fashion or music, young people often just see themselves as consumers of culture. We want this to change; we want young people to see that they are

creators of culture. Here we showcase young people who have gone against the grain, and we celebrate those who have made their own mind up about how they want their lives to look.


We believe that by doing this we’re equipping young people to make good decisions and change the world. If this is something you want to see, we would love to work with you.You can learn more about how we're enacting our mission below.





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