partner with us

We can't do this alone! It takes a community unified together to bring change. 

There are so many ways to partner with us, wether it's sharing your story to bring about change, supporting us financially,
connecting us with schools, youth groups or like minded people...we would love to chat! 

Here are a few specific ways to support the movement of What’s Normal? 




The growing work of What's Normal? would not be possible with out the generosity of people who have sown into our vision finically. 

We are set up with DGR 1 status, making donations tax deductible. 

To find out more how to partner with us finally please contact us. 


collaboration + Partnerships 

We love thinking out side the box on how we can carry the message of What's Normal to young people. If you are a business and are a creative thinking, let's Chat! 

Perhaps we can create a product collaboration, or an event, or a co mission to mars. The options are endless and we look forward to brainstorming with you! 

Let's chat! 


Media and Film  

We believe in the power of film to shift perspectives and challenge the norms  which is why we are currently at the beginning stage of creating a documentary. 

If you are a film maker, videographer, documentary maker, create genius or someone who wants to be apart of funding a creative project to reach the younger generation then please contact us.