• Intensive workshops with a specific year level
    At different ages, adolescents face different issues. We target the specific needs of different age ranges in our presentations. These workshops are highly interactive, and what outcome comes from each workshop is dependent on your school. We are passionate about empowering young people to come to their own answers and solutions, and seeking change for themselves and their peers.

  • Speaking to a variety of different year levels
    Schools are diverse places. We can come and share at school assemblies or for social action groups for people of variety of ages. We are flexible to meet your unique needs.

  • Separate workshops for boys and girls
    In our experience we can go deeper with your students if we have the sexes separated. Research has shown that boys and girls engage with porn differently and are affected by it in different ways. Hour long, full day or multiple workshops with boys and girls separately can address the unique issues that these groups are facing in your school and equip the young people with tools and confidence to change ‘What’s Normal’ for them.

  • Parent or Teacher workshops
    Porn and the way young people engage with it today is vastly different from what parents and teachers experienced when growing up themselves. Parents and teachers are in young people's lives before and after we are, so ‘What’s Normal’ believes in empowering adults to have informed conversations with young people in their worlds. Learn about the breadth of this issue and the powerful tools ‘What’s Normal’ is equipping young people with to seek change and mitigate the harm of porn in young people’s lives, and how you can partner with us to be a part of the solution.


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